Develop skills

A country can develop its relevant skills in three main ways:

By encouraging and enabling people to learn throughout life. This requires concerted efforts to:

  • Gather and use evidence about the changing skills demand to guide skills development
  • Engage social partners in designing and delivering education and training programmes
  • Ensure that education and training programmes are of high quality
  • Promote equity by ensuring access to, and success in, quality education for all
  • Ensure that costs are shared and that tax systems do not discourage investments in learning
  • Maintain a long-term perspective on skills development, even during economic crises

By fostering international mobility of skilled people to fill skills gaps. This requires concerted efforts to:

  • Facilitate entry for skilled migrants and support their integration 
  • Design policies that encourage international students to remain after their studies
  • Make it easier for skilled migrants to return to their country of origin

By promoting cross-border skills policies. This requires concerted efforts to:

  • Invest in skills abroad and encourage cross-border higher education

Watch this video on what our most recent education statistics tell us about developing skills